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Sylvie Gendron offers Waterlomi, a water-based massage therapy based on Hawaiian Lomilomi massage and influenced by Sylvie’s experience with other water-based bodywork (Watsu, Aqua-Mouvance and Aqua-Veechi).


Sylvie in Hawaii

Sylvie offering Waterlomi

Sylvie Gendron is a certified bodyworker (Lomilomi massage and Waterlomi) and tour guide on the islands of Hawaii (see “The Hawaiian Path”).  For over 25 years Sylvie has pursued her life’s purpose, the betterment of herself and others through holistic bodywork and group work.  Sylvie Gendron’s bodywork experience is broad, ranging from land-based Western Massage, Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage, to water-based Aqua-Mouvance, Aqua-Veechi and Waterlomi. 

Sylvie Gendron has nearly 10 years of experience offering Hawaiian Lomilomi massage, a traditional Hawaiian healing art.  Sylvie's Lomilomi bodywork is often a strong and energetic massage that moves stagnant energy while, at other times, is soft and patient, waiting for the energy to shift.

Sylvie offering Lomilomi in Hawaii

Based on a deep love for and familiarity with the Hawaiian culture (its history, mythology and traditions), Sylvie offers unique day-long guided tours of the Big Island of Hawaii.  The experience obtained from these tours is life-changing!

Sylvie guiding “The Hawaiian Path”

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Sylvie Gendron also offers week-long workshops known as “Meeting Remarkable Women” (for women only) and “Meeting Remarkable People” (for men and women together).  These workshops include guided tours of the Big Island, a pleasant immersion into the Hawaiian culture (e.g., lei-making, coconut-weaving, hula-dancing and music, etc.) and also involve encounters with Hawaii’s most remarkable elders, teachers and masters (the Hawaiian Kupuna, Kumu and Kahuna).

Sylvie playing music with

workshop participants

Meeting Remarkable People
on “The Hawaiian Path”path.htmlshapeimage_17_link_0

Sylvie on Oahu Island

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Sylvie Gendron offers Lomilomi, Waterlomi and “The Hawaiian Path” guided tours and workshops at the Kalani Oceanside Retreat (on the Big Island of Hawaii).  To know more about Sylvie and her services, take the time to further explore this website!

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