With a deep connection to the Hawaiian "Aloha Spirit", and having studied under several Hawaiian elders, teachers and masters (the Hawaiian Kupuna, Kumu and Kahuna), Sylvie Gendron has close to 10 years of experience in the extraordinary healing potential of Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage.

Lomilomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing art that has been passed on from generation to generation.  The Lomilomi practitioner was once known as the healer of the tribe (the "Kahuna").  Lomilomi means "to connect to one's higher self through loving touch."  The strokes can be as profound as in "bone washing" or as light as in "energy work".  Lomilomi massage uses the "Ha" (breath) and "flight" (forearm stroke) to evoke an enhanced state of consciousness (attaining "vertical time") where profound healing can take place.  Lomilomi massage seeks harmony on all levels – Uhane (spirit), Mana'o (mind), Pu'uwai (heart), and Na'au (guts).  Sylvie's bodywork is often a strong and energetic massage that moves stagnant energy while, at other times, is soft and patient, waiting for the energy to shift.

A lomilomi healing session may include the “Pule” prayer for guidance and healing, the “Oli” Hawaiian chant, “Pohaku” hot stones, “Pu'ili” percussion with bamboo stick, sea salt for purification, Ti Leaf for protection and detoxification, and La'au Lapa'au (medicinal plants).  In certain situations, other techniques are used, including Ho'oponopono (seeking forgiveness of self and others while emptying the heart and mind) and Huna (Hawaiian Shamanism using the powers of the mind and the forces of nature for healing).


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Sylvie performing Lomilomi

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