The Hawaiian Path

copyright © 2008-2010 Sylvie Gendron

RR2 Box 4617, Pahoa, Hawaii  96778

tel. 808-965-9506

Greatly inspired by her Hawaiian cultural studies and her love of the Islands, Sylvie began leading adventure tours.  Unlike typical "sight-seeing" tours, Sylvie offers a unique experience in which she shares her knowledge of Hawaiian culture and history, and her own "Aloha Spirit", taking her guests on a transformational journey while visiting sacred sites across the Big Island of Hawaii.

Throughout her several years of Hawaiian studies and tour-guiding, Sylvie found herself connecting with countless islanders who she began to refer to as "remarkable Hawaiian people".  Inspired by these special connections, Sylvie developed a week-long workshop known as “Meeting Remarkable Women."  These retreats combine the above adventure tours with teachings led by the Hawaiian Kupuna, Kumu and Kahuna, Hawaiian arts and crafts (lei-making, coconut-weaving, hula dancing and hawaiian music), Hawaiian storytelling, and guided healing exercises and discussions on spirituality.  Sylvie also offers these week-long tours for men and women together, known as "Meeting Remarkable People."

For more information or to register for a day-long tour of the Big Island or a weeklong workshop, please contact Sylvie.

Hawaiian Falls

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