Sylvie is amazing!  She was very sensitive to my needs.  Working carefully but thoroughly with my injuries, she sent me into a space of complete peace and relaxation.  The hour felt timeless, and I left feeling totally renewed - as if she had reunited me with my whole self.

Susi Love

Santa Cruz, CA

Sylvie has magic hands.  As soon as they touch me, something inside says, “It’s ok to let go.”  Further into the massage, I can feel the layers of stress and tension melt away.  Sylvie has a certain groundedness and ease that she can transmit through her touch.  I would recommend Sylvie to anyone looking for a deeply relaxing and healing experience.

Lyn  Hunstad

Hidden Valley, CA

I first met Sylvie in February, 2006, on my first trip to the Big Island of Hawaii.  I was going through an enormously difficult time in my life and was escaping to the Hawaiian Islands searching for ways to grieve, reflect, and heal.  I was also in desperate need of a little adventure to help take my mind off my troubles and to help me find myself again.  I embarked on two separate day-long trips around the island with Sylvie as my personal guide.  Over the two days we spent together, Sylvie offered me unforgettable opportunities to truly embrace the island’s breathtaking beauty and amazing serenity.  I was extremely impressed at the substantial knowledge I acquired from Sylvie about the Big Island and very much appreciated the kindness and generosity she showed me.

Sylvie and I kept in contact after I returned home to Arizona and we were able to reconnect a second time when I returned to the Big Island to work as a volunteer for five months at Kalani Oceanside Retreat.  During my stay, Sylvie graciously helped me organize two separate lava treks for my friends and me to view the surface and ocean flow.  Sylvie’s expertise for planning and executing these types of adventures along with her unwavering spirit of aloha made the lava treks two of the most spiritually rewarding experiences of my entire life.

Sylvie also performed Lomi Lomi massage for a dear friend of mine when he came to visit me during his vacation to the Big Island.  My friend had been going through a very difficult time at home and on the first day of his Hawaiian vacation, I really wanted him to receive a positive massage experience that would provide a warm welcome to the island as well as some long overdue nurturing, pampering and relaxation.  I remember greeting my friend after his massage with Sylvie and noticed the immediate change in his demeanor, going from being completely stressed/anxious to being relieved and relaxed.  Being witness to that marked change in my friend was such a wonderful gift that I will forever be thankful for.

Sylvie possesses many extraordinary gifts for nurturing and healing.  Her passion and desire to share these gifts with others is what makes her shine.  I look forward to that time in the future when our paths cross again.

Jill Chamberlain

Chicago, IL

Sylvie is a gentle and gifted massage therapist.  She takes the time to listen, to be mindful and respectful, and offers a safe environment in which to work towards healing.  I am fortunate to count myself among those who have been helped, both physically and spiritually, from the gift that Sylvie brings to her work.  Mahalo nui loa.

Carol Waileagal

Saltspring Island, BC

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tel. 808-965-9506

Sylvie was surprisingly excellent and overcame resistance in me in a way that happens only rarely.  What I liked best about my treatment from Sylvie was her kindness, communication and exceptional skill.

Dan Smith

San Francisco, CA

When it comes to spiritual therapies that leaves one feeling blissful and wonderfully filled, Watsu is very high on my recommended list.  Watsu is a therapy treatment that fills the mind, body and heart with a perfect balance of spiritual energies.  And it matters that this therapeutic journey is provided by a Watsu therapist like Sylvie.  She is an angelic therapist...  These are the opinions about Sylvie and her Watsu treatments shared by many of my students and myself.  Blessings.

Mahealani Kuamo’o-Henry

Pahoa, HI

Sylvie embodies the true nature of Aloha and I am incredibly blessed and forever thankful to have been given the opportunity to know Sylvie in many capacities:  adventurer, healer, and friend.

Padma Kate

Middletown, CA

Sylvie is a wonderful massage therapist.  I have know her for several years and find her to be experienced, skilled, ethical and joyful. 

Robert Silber

Pahoa, HI

It's love that heals!  Sylvie epitomizes consciousness, grace and gratitude.  Her massages heal at the deepest level.  Her tours touch the heart and soul.  Her moving meditations are bliss.  Everything she turns her sweet smile to, blossoms!  Ahhhh, Sylvie!  Aloha shines through your eyes!  Spirit blesses all that you are and all that you do!  Aloha mai.

Connie Rios & Michael David

Seaview, HI

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