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Combining her extensive knowledge of Western Massage, Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage as well as Aqua-Mouvance and Watsu, Sylvie Gendron developed a new form of water-based bodywork called Waterlomi.  Unlike other land or water-based bodywork, Waterlomi and Aqualomi combine the prominent techniques of other water-based bodywork (such as Aqua-Mouvance and Watsu) with the sacred healing art of Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage.

Water-based bodywork techniques such as Waterlomi, Aqua-Mouvance and Watsu (a coined word for "water shiatsu") are exceptional in that the body of the client is free to be worked on and stretched in ways not possible on land.  Each of these forms of water-based bodywork take place in warm pools (95 °F or 35 °C) and involve the client being continuously supported by the therapist (as in Watsu), or by floatation devices (as in Aqua-Mouvance and Waterlomi), while the therapist gently works on the client's body.

Waterlomi is a gentle full-body massage focused on the undulation of the spine and stretching of the limbs.  And because floatation cushions are used to support the client's head and legs - causing the client's body to be entirely supported by the warm water - the practitioner's arms and hands are free to perform a wide spectrum of massage techniques while undulating the client's body in the water.  The fluidic experience of Waterlomi (its combination of water-based massage and the ancient Lomilomi healing art) is deeply nurturing and often invokes in the client a deep sense of belonging and transformation.  Waterlomi sessions may also involve the practitioner and client (both with snorkeling mask and nose clip) being fully submerged underwater where they find a shared rhythm of movement and breath.  The experience is magical!


Sylvie performing Waterlomi

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